Bokkie Bier
Bier Mit Kick

Bokkie Bier, The Legend of the Taylor’s Apprentice and the Goat.

Rheinfelden is one of the oldest cities in Switzerland, with some of the earliest records dating back to the 10th Century. It was substantially developed by the Zähringers, a feudal dynasty who along with others such as the Savoy, Kyburg & Habsburg families founded new cities to provide secure stopping places to defend their territories and a source of revenue.. Rheinfelden follows the typical layout of the Zähringer cities with three long streets that were crossed by narrow lanes. The Brewery is founded on the Kapuzinergasse, one of these long streets.

There is a story from the 30 years war (1618 to 1648), when Rheinfelden was under siege by Swedish troops. When all the food reserves were exhausted, a small tailor killed the last goat and dressed himself with its fur, then walked around the town walls making baas. Believing the city to have plentiful supplies whilst they were living on the diminishing supplies off the land in late autumn, the Swedish abandoned the siege. The story is celebrated by a glockenspiel and animation in the Rumple, a small square in the town.

We tip our hat to the story of Taylor and the Goat, and its challenge to oppression.