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We combine experience of the beverage and manufacturing industry to bring a quality beer to the discerning beer enthusiast.

Brewing in Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden has been a centre for the production or beer since the early 18th century. Franz Joseph Dietschy (1770–1842) taking over the “zum Salmen” bar in 1799, along with the associated brewing rights, he not only brewed for the own needs of the affiliated inn, but soon also for other landlords in the area. Over time, he supplied bars and hotels in the areas of Aarau, Basel, Liestal and Schopfheim.

In 1973, the Cardinal brewery moved from Fribourg to Rheinfelden absorbing the Salmen Brewery, itself taken over then by the Feldschlossen Brewery.

Feldschlossen itself is the most famous of the Breweries in Rheinfelden, founded in 1876 by Theophil Roniger, a child of the Rheindfelden district, growing up in Magden before taking apprenticeship in Sackingen. The brewery took advantage of the growing Swiss Railway to expand rapidly becoming the largest brewery in Switzerland, and after its takeover in 2000 by the Carlsberg Group, one of the largest breweries in Europe.

Bokkie Bier

We are passionate about beer and the tradition of brewing in Rheinfelden. Our chief brewer has over 15 years experience in the Brew Industry and in manufacturing engineering. The other investors bring international trade, project management and marketing skills to the company.

The company is hosted in the old Coop Bakery, later Berner Shoggi factory on the site of the old Convent Gardens dating back to early mediaeval times. We look forward to carrying on the tradition of brewing in Rheinfelden.

We look forward to providing a real alternative to mass produced beer for the lovers of small batch, quality beverages.